Wednesday, January 4, 2012

i don't workout on a machine cause i am one..


second day on the blog job and already i am playin hookey..tisk tisk..'s not that i wasn't around....for sure was....i am just hard at work trying to get this place spruced up and look just far it's blogger > me....but unluckly for blogger i don't and won't give up so easy....oh no siree..

also yesterday i was busy busy getting my crossfit badassery on..

if we happen to be fb buds you've no doubt seen my obsession love for the most kick bum fitness around posted all over my timeline and photos....and if you don't have any idea what i am talking about let me be the first to introduce you to one of the best things to ever happen to my body..

{strong is the new skinny}

so say it is one of thee absolute toughest workout regiments i've ever experienced is an absurd schools every other form of exercise you know....eats zumba classes for breakfast and saves room to devour gym rats for a snack....cause unlike globo gyms there is no phoning it in at crossfit..

a crossfit gym is called a box....and at these boxes you have sadists coaches who love to watch you writhe around the floor in pain push you to own and achieve goals you never even had set for yourself and push weight around you never even dreamed you could pick up let alone push past and exceed....

not to mention it is actually FUN!! well of course it is exercise and intense insane and hardcore exercise and while you are in the thick of it you may actually vomit....i've been witness to this a time or two and on some of the hero wod days (wod = work out of the day / hero wod = a wod created to honor a specific fallen solider....the hardest of crossfit wods) driven into a parking lot that was nothing but vomit landmines....but aside from that there are little life experiences i have encountered that have provided such a natural euphoric high when you are done and done....yes you may be laying on the floor in a pool of your own sweat and spit but i promise you will be doing so with a ginormous smile..

when i was devoting all of my fitness time to yoga . running . and spin classes i was very lean and fit but i was not strong and until i started crossfit i didn't even know i had a desire to be....and i am not talking grossly disfigured steroid taking woman strong....i am talking badass i can deadlift this bar with 225lbs of weight while pulling a semi with a rope tied around my waist all while still rocking the heck outta my supa girlie wardrobe..

{plus what other gym works out in costumes on halloween?!??}

crossfit is not just about forging elite is not just an alternative to the everyday globo is not just a life change....and it's not just an is all of that and is a culture . a way of life . and a family....there is no 'in real life' community out there that lives to see you succeed in your goals be it: weight loss....muscle gain....of a complete life overhaul like the crossfit communitydoes....i am lucky enough to consider myself a part of two crossfit families....inception in georgia and warfit here in scottsdale and they are both amazing and i am so so so so happy i get to be a part of it..

i encourage anyone looking to get in amazing shape or made resolutions for a life change to find your local crossfit box and go in with an open mind and fight any intimidation you may feel....crossfit has athletes at every level . every size . every age....if you have to start somewhere start here....and don't EVER let these oofa ears here you say you can't do it....because a eight short months ago if someone told me by my thirtieth birthday (ahem just one short week away) that i would be able to:

push press : 85 elle.bees / deadlift : 225lbs / back squat : 205 pounds / jump onto a 36" box / and be able to string together 10 kip pull ups in a row (on occasion have to complete 100 pulls for one work out) well..

i probably would have told them street drugs are a bad bad idea and to lay off....but now i know the truth....there is no limit to my strength....there is no limitations on what my body can achieve....and there will be no limit to how far i will continue to push myself as an elite athlete in this crazy world i love known as crossfit!!!

get ya some!!!


Summer said...

Girl, you GO!

I don't like throwing up so I may not go, but I'll definitely stand on the sidelines and cheer you on!!!

Laura Marie said...

Girl....I can totally see you on the cover of a fitness mag! Do you read Oxygen? It's my should def be in there!

Great job on the fitness! You are badass and keep me inspired! =)

Richard Hagan said...

Makes me remember the days I was deployed and we had makeshift workouts like pulling an aircraft generator set with a harness across the flight line in 140 degree weather.

I'm glad you've been able to discover such a fantastic form of exercise. Because you're most definitely right about the gym. It's boring and mostly mindless. It's the difference of a hamster running in the same wheel everyday and putting the little fella in a miniature sized gladiator pit full of little hamster challenges.

(The analogy was good and you know it).